One week remains until the 416 Club series! Each performance will be on a Sunday; click through below for more details.

January 6th- Ted Moore. Inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh, Moore is composing a piece for string quartet and live audio processing.*

January 13th- Nathan Hanson. Inspired by Bulgarian choral compositions, Big band saxophone sections, jazz, blues, and electronica, Hanson will be composing music for a choir of six saxophones.*

January 20th- Maria Isa. Through collaboration with Adriana Rimpel of the local Cuban band Malamanya, Maria will create five original songs that trace the Afro-Latina music scene in Minnesota.

January 27th- David Gerald Sutton. McNally Smith student composes for an electronic quartet with loopers and a massive array of effect pedals, enabling a sound more akin to a rock orchestra.

February 3rd- Miriam Gerberg. Multi-talented musician Miriam Gerberg will be applying the compelling improvisation traditions of Turko-Arabic music with the shimmering sounds of the Javanese gamelan.*

February 17th- Pooja Pavan. Pooja Goswami Pavan’s “Global Conversations” explores this idea. With the help of bouzouki player Greg Herriges, Pavan will fuse music from her native North India with other folk sounds hailing from The Middle East, Greece, Turkey, Japan, and Brazil.

February 24th- Nicholas Gaudette. Composing and performing three different pieces for the upright bass and accompaniment, Nicholas Gaudette will pair each composition with a different style of dance.

Tickets to each event are $5. A club pass is available for $20. The 416 Club Commissions are made possible by the Jerome Foundation.

*-Funded in part by New Music USA

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