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One week remains until the 416 Club series! Each performance will be on a Sunday; click through below for more details.

January 6th- Ted Moore. Inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh, Moore is composing a piece for string quartet and live audio processing.*

January 13th- Nathan Hanson. Inspired by Bulgarian choral compositions, Big band saxophone sections, jazz, blues, and electronica, Hanson will be composing music for a choir of six saxophones.*

January 20th- Maria Isa. Through collaboration with Adriana Rimpel of the local Cuban band Malamanya, Maria will create five original songs that trace the Afro-Latina music scene in Minnesota.

January 27th- David Gerald Sutton. McNally Smith student composes for an electronic quartet with loopers and a massive array of effect pedals, enabling a sound more akin to a rock orchestra.

February 3rd- Miriam Gerberg. Multi-talented musician Miriam Gerberg will be applying the compelling improvisation traditions of Turko-Arabic music with the shimmering sounds of the Javanese gamelan.*

February 17th- Pooja Pavan. Pooja Goswami Pavan’s “Global Conversations” explores this idea. With the help of bouzouki player Greg Herriges, Pavan will fuse music from her native North India with other folk sounds hailing from The Middle East, Greece, Turkey, Japan, and Brazil.

February 24th- Nicholas Gaudette. Composing and performing three different pieces for the upright bass and accompaniment, Nicholas Gaudette will pair each composition with a different style of dance.

Tickets to each event are $5. A club pass is available for $20. The 416 Club Commissions are made possible by the Jerome Foundation.

*-Funded in part by New Music USA


Adriana Rimpel of Latina Ritual Project  & Malamanya in Puerto Rico.

Stunning, Adriana! Support the Latina Ritual Project today!


Adriana Rimpel of Latina Ritual Project  & Malamanya in Puerto Rico.

Stunning, Adriana! Support the Latina Ritual Project today!

A.Wolf and Her Claws have their CD Release is this Saturday, April 21, with Brute Heart opening. They will also be playing a short set at The Fetus this Tuesday the 17th. And hey, April 21 is also Record Store Day! I advise you dedicate your day to music in it’s many available forms: go peruse new and used vinyl til you can’t take anymore, catch some of the many awesome in-store performances around town, take a cat nap, and then come out to The Cedar for a night of new local music. It’ll be a party. ♫♪♫!

Check out the accompanying article about the genesis of A. Wolf and Her Claws here.  We are close to announcing the recipients of the second round of the 416 Club Commissions (made possible by the Jerome Foundation).

A clip from Dessa’s 416 Club Commission performance last January.

Did you know that it’s in The Cedar’s mission to support emerging artists? As a music venue that doubles as a nonprofit organization, we are in an unique position to do so. Some may be familiar with 416 Club, a program that started in 2007 as a curated, monthly event showcasing emerging local musicians and groups. In 2010, thanks to the Jerome Foundation, the 416 Club expanded to include collaborative commissions by local artists who haven’t before worked together. The artists were: Dessa, Holly Muñoz, Marc Anderson, Adam Levy, Jacquline Ultan, Aby Wolf, and Zack Kline. Commissioned pieces were showcased in the winter of 2011. The video is a clip from Dessa’s performance, which TPT covered all of on their show MN Original. Below, you can read an excerpt of Dessa’s reflection about the project:

The art comes first—period. But there are unavoidable financial considerations that can amount to significant distractions. Commissioned work, however, provides an artist a bit of a reprieve from the minding of her ledgerbook. The 416 Club Commission encouraged me to connect with artists with whom I might never have worked. And while writing my new material, the question at the forefront of my mind was How will this sound? as opposed to Can I afford this? Even a modest stipend can go a long way for artists who are accustomed to investing their own money, and uncompensated time during the songwriting process.

The Cedar is now accepting applications for Round II of the 416 Club Commissions. Interested artists should send three audio samples, a brief resume, and a one page version of the project description, no later than March 15, 2012, to More information is available here.